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delirious mind's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
delirious mind

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[11 Nov 2005|10:47am]

they'll never take me alive.
i'll flee and never be
caught, bought, sought, distraught
they'll never take me alive
my hive will thrive
in this dive with clive
anderson my hands are thin
and bony i'm lonely
and malnourished
but we flourish
with floris and toris
in our ford taurus
eating brontosaurus
burgers these murders
are excusable
reusable knives
give me hives
i prefer the throwaway kind
that grind those rinds into pieces
for obesce nieces to feast on

i'm headed for the border.
law and order is on
mccoy's feeling coy and curt
putting the hurt
on a defendant
while the attendants gasp and
cheer the jury's hung
the bastard's sprung
to kill again

repeat the process.
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crosshatch cymbals [22 Dec 2004|08:28am]

tapering crystaline fortresses cloud everything we've ever known. compress the cold and send it spinning into bright purple damnation. the ever-changing neon ballroom has grown tired of this discoloration. take it out, dust it off, and stick a cork in it. crush those gasping leaves into pixie dust and consume it for all you're worth. you'll need it if you ever expect tranqulity to flow from your chromachrome palette.
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dried placebo [13 Dec 2003|05:58pm]

stranded are the many chords of apathy which ring out in tones of a technicolor reality. lying stagnant, they have no dreams to build upon in this corkscrew of redundancy and creamcicles. papers scream and run by briskly while smoking bottles remain motionless. the contrast eludes them all. fry it up and watch it explode into vapors which stain our cavities.
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Ballad for a Valentine [14 Feb 2003|02:45pm]
When last you graced this place, could not look you in the ocular region, An angle you must be, Your epidermal layer makes my eyes leak, You float like a quill sans ink, In a beautiful globe, I desire to be extraordinary, you're so damn extraordinary...

However I'm a jerk, I am freaky, What in tar-nation am I doing here, I don't chime at this place...

I could care less if it causes pain, I want to be in command, I wish I possessed an immaculate figure, I desire a perfect spirit, I want you to observe the fact that I am no longer in this general location, Fucking noticeable is what you are, I would also like to be noticible...

But I'm an asshole, I'm abnormal, What am I here for, I am an outcast here...

She quickly departing once again, she is speed walking away, she is run run run running out of excuses...

Anything that brings happiness to you, anything at all, man you're really shiny, I wish I was shiny...

Yet an insensitive clod am I, I have no fucking clue what this place is, I am not of this place, no I'm not of this place...
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[03 Feb 2003|01:16pm]
[ mood | remeniscent ]

All life's troubles, so far away...or so it seemed, but now they will not leave here. All because of yesterday.

Half a man have I become. Shadows slink of my skin, so suddenly did yesterday arrive.

She departed for unknown reasons, and speak to me she did not. I have spoken ill and now am want of the day before.

The game of love seemed easy to overcome, however I now wish to conceal myself in some unknown place and yesterday has my faith.

Unknown it is why she had gone, she did not utter a word to me. Placed my foot in my mouth, I must have now I wish for last day to be first.

Romance is so easy a sport to participate in. Currently I have lost and am in need of refuge. Oh my, but I believe in the day after the day before last.

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cerebral euthanasia [31 Jan 2003|03:01pm]

minds sitting on drywall roll off the ledge. out they fall... into vats of browned dipping acid. they dive deep into their own dysphoria, creating millions of black holes in balloon-filled skies. hell looks toward frosted globes of tapioca at what it used to be. the laughter of hyper tadpole carcasses fill our eyes as the towers crumble around our past selves. we lie in wait of yesterday's shortcomings.
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Turning [30 Jan 2003|03:27pm]
[ mood | Turning ]

Turning. Always turning. I want a doctor. Turning. A doctor to take a picture. Turning. So that I may look at you. Turning. Look at you from inside as well. Turning Japanese. I'm turning Japanese. Nah, I don't really think so.

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Mind drippings... [30 Jan 2003|02:19pm]

A soul, whose depths were once unplundered, now spreads torn wings and flies headlong into the fatal storm. Defenseless, hopeless, it darts toward a euphoric entropy of crushed memories. Encompassed in darkness, it finds repose at last.

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cranial skidmarks [30 Jan 2003|01:30pm]

the pavement moves to another plane as i attempt anonymity. fractures fill my fingertips when pictures are unsure of their own livelihood. we all sit and look at the outcome.
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